What is required for a person to open an account with TRADESPRIME.com?
This process of activating an account begins with providing a color copy of official identification. This could be a driver’s license, passport or identity card. It is necessary for the document provided to have a person's full name, signature, residence as well as the document's date of expiration. A recent utility bill or bank statement, not older than six months from the date of opening the account, can be used as proof of address.

How are a person's personal details updated?
Should a person's information need to be updated, the customer service team can be contacted at [email protected] Simply tell them of any relevant changes. To make these changes, documented proof will be required.

What Amount of Time is Required to open an TRADESPRIME account?
Should all information provided by a person be accurate, their account will be completely active five minutes upon acceptance.

When is it possible to start trading?
Anyone can begin forex market trading right after their account has been activated. An TRADESPRIME account makes it possible for a person to use the online platform as well as install its software right onto their computer.

Is the practice account available for a specified length of time?
There is no expiration for TRADESPRIME practice accounts. Once a person has started trading, they can return the demo account to test their new strategies. Should a practice account be inactive for a period of three months, it will be deactivated.

Is it possible to change the base currency in an account?
Should a person want to change their forex market currency, they can close their account and not experience any penalties. They can then open a new account with any currency they choose.

Is it possible for a person to lose more money than what is in their account?
The TRADESPRIME is designed to protect traders from losing more money than is in their account.

Is it necessary for a person to refund bonus funds if they lose them?
A person is not required to pay back a forex trade bonus loss.

How is a person's money kept secure by the TRADESPRIME?
Clients funds are separated from the TRADESPRIME holding. The TRADESPRIME does this in accordance with the MiFID (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive). A separate account is maintained where deposited funds and profits are transferred. This account is not able to be used by the TRADESPRIME except as a way to credit account holders.

What spreads are available for account holders?
It depends on the asset and forex trade market price. Spreads may be as low as 0.8 pip.

During what hours is the TRADESPRIME operational?
It's possible for some markets to be different because of their location. It is operational starting Sunday 22:05 GMT and ending on Friday 21:50 GMT.

What is the leverage offered by TRADESPRIME?
A person's deposit and trading category will determine their leverage. It varies, and the typical range is 1:100 to 1:300.

Is scalping permitted by TRADESPRIME?

Is is possible to open multiple trading accounts?
It is not recommended. This TRADESPRIME does make it possible for people to open up to five accounts for trading.

Is a person's account closed when it has a zero balance?
A TRADESPRIME account that has reached a zero balance and has shown no activity for 90 days will be closed.

Are tutorials and learning resources provided?
There are learning resources. An informative archive is available for every TRADESPRIME customer. A personal forex trade account manager can recommend resources that fit a person's individual trading needs and help them with the process.

Are clients from the United States permitted to participate in trading?
The CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission) is followed, and it does not permit U.S. citizens to be accepted.

Does the TRADESPRIME enable digital options trading?
No, and this is not recommended.

What method of payment is acceptable for withdrawals and deposits?
There are various payment methods available with TRADESPRIME. This includes bank wire transfers, credit cards as well as debit cards.

What are considered acceptable currencies?
All currencies are accepted and able to be converted by TRADESPRIME.

Are there any withdrawal restrictions with TRADESPRIME?

Is a person able to make a withdrawal if they have an open position?

What length of time is required to make a withdrawal?
Times for withdrawals can vary. It will depend on the type of payment selected as well as the country. Most withdrawals can be processed within three working days or less. There are rare occasions when it could take up to five working days.

Is a person charged any type of fees for withdrawals or deposits?
A fee is usually not charged on deposits by TRADESPRIME. An exception would be a wire transfer of $500 U.S. dollars or less.

Is it possible for different members to transfer funds between their active trading accounts?
International guidelines lines do not permit clients to transfer funds between their account. TRADESPRIME follows these international guidelines. Any withdrawal or deposit must be made with original banking details.

Is it permitted to withdraw bonus funds?
Clients are given bonus funds as a complementary tool to obtain a larger position or exposure in the market. According to the Terms of Use, it is only possible to withdraw profits made from bonuses.

Is it possible for a person to transfer funds between two of their own active accounts?
Yes. This is only permitted if the banking details, and the names on the accounts, are the same.

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